Winter Skills Mountaineering Courses in the Sierra Nevada

Beginner mountain course based in the snowsure Sierra Nevada mountains

Winter Skills Mountaineering Courses in the Sierra Nevada
Winter Skills Mountaineering Courses in the Sierra Nevada

Our Courses in the Sierra Nevada

Our winter mountaineering and winter skills courses are held in Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains during the months of December through to the end of May. These hills are ideal with good snow lasting well into June. They will teach you to travel and progress safely in the winter mountains.

Is it for me?

If you enjoy 3 season hillwaking, maybe even a bit of scrambling, and wish to progress to travelling safely in the winter mountains then this may be for you.

Be aware that that the winter mountains are tough and a certain amount of hardship will be endured. In our opinion real life experience is by far the best way to learn. walking-sierra-nevada-high-peaks.html You will be taught and coached by our professional guiding team backed by 40 years experience in the Alps, Patagonia and Kamchatka. If you also wish to include travelling safely on glaciers, alpine ascents or expeditions then you should try our 4 day "Alpine Introduction Course".

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About our Mountaineering Courses

The Sierra Nevada Mountains

The 3000m mountains of the Sierra Nevada offer both beginner and the more experienced experienced mountaineer good long routes in a quiet environment. Few others will be seen. In addition the ample sunshine hours normally guarantee good weather. Our 4 wheel drive vehicles transport you to 2,500 metres in the Sierras. Here are excellent training areas with snowbowls, gullies and cliffs galore. No 3 to 4 hour walk-ins to the snows anymore!

Maximum time can be spent in learning the skills necessary to be in the hills in winter or to ascend Alpine peaks. After acquiring those new skills we take you into the hills, thus allowing you to put them into practice in a big mountain environment.

We are in the course of producing an online guidebook to this area. This great climbing venue is still relatively unknown and provides a fantastic alternative with much more chance of that magical combination of sun, snow and splendid isolation!

What you will learn

You'll gain a clear understanding of the principles and quickly attain the skills. You'll be able to choose the most appropriate technique for the terrain and conditions. With adequate time given over to practise, you'll finish the course proficient in both the technical winter skills and those essential winter navigation techniques. If you:

and ..... plus a whole lot more ... then this will be the course for you!

Iceaxe Breaking Winter Skills

Winter Skills 2 Day Course

2 DAY COURSE Topics covered:

Expedition Training Course

For those going on Expeditions to Polar or Greater Ranges we run a short 2 day course which can be "bolted on" to our existing Winter Skills Mountaineering or Alpine Introduction Courses

Mountaineering Course Spain

Winter Skills 4-6 Day Course

4-6 DAY COURSE - Additional to the 2 day course a combination of the following will be done depending on snow and weather conditions:

winter skills course video

Dates & Prices



Mountaineering Courses and PD routes
Group size (per booking): (prices are per person per day)Classic Winter Mountaineering Routes (AD and above) (1:2 ratio)

Definition of "Group" - if you are booking a trip for 2 persons the 2 person rate applies, 3 persons - 3 person rate etc (not dependent on eventual total group size!).

Price includes:

N.B Guiding ratio for high mountain activities - no more than 4 to a guide.

Enquire via email or contact form

Transport (effective for all bookings after 1st July 2022)

The guiding price above does not include transport. Due to rising energy and fuel prices we do not want to be constantly changing guiding prices to reflect transport costs. We want to be honest and open about our price structure.

Clients have two options:

NO COST OPTION - Pick up/drop off our guide in Lanjaron or a venue to be agreed. Use your own transport to and from the start/end of activity.

COST OF FUEL OPTION - Our guide will drive you to/from start/end of activity in one our own vehicles. Applicable costs are:

N.B For destinations not listed above we can easily work out a fuel cost

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