Guided Trekking in Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia

Day & multi-day trekking Tours near Cerro Torre, Fitzroy & Paso Viento

Trekking routes around the magnificent Mt Fitzroy
Trekking routes around the magnificent Mt Fitzroy

Trekking Holidays in Patagonia

We came to Patagonia initially for the wilderness experience of the Patagonian Icecap. On bad weather days when winds stopped us from going to the glaciers we enjoyed some marvellous trekking in the valleys and hillsides around El Chalten. This is big country and is well named as Argentina's "Capital of Trekking".

We have expanded some of the regular trekking routes to include some multi-day trips wild camping in glorious mountain scenery. This is great hiking and will suit those who like to walk up to 7 hours a day and tackle up to 1000m of ascent. All gear must be carried. There is some simple scrambling and river crossings, but no mountaineering is involved. These tours are marked as "Tough" or "Tough+".

During all our trekking tours near El Chalten we shall have the services of experienced birdwatcher and photographer, Kiersten Rowland, who can advise on the amazing variety of birdlife unique to this part of the world.

Dates - November and December

Prices - from €95 per person per day

Accommodation - hotels from €50 per person per night (sharing)

Walk and grades (days)

  • 2 Leisurely Walks
  • 2 Moderate Walks
  • 2 Challenging Walks
  • 2 Tough Walks

North of El Chalten

Chorrillo del Salto

  • Duration - 4 hours
  • Distance - 8km
  • Ascent - 50m
  • Cost - €50

Description - A round trip walk alongside the Rio de las Vueltas to spectacular waterfalls north of El Chalten. Good opportunities for birdwatching and viewing condors. A nice half day stroll best kept for a poor day higher up.

Miradors Condores Aguilas

Miradors de los Condores and Aguilas

  • Duration - 1 day
  • Distance - 10km
  • Ascent - 300m
  • Cost - €75

Description - We head up to the viewpoint of Los Condores, well named because these huge birds frequently fly past at close quarters. Then its heading across pathless ground gently rising to the Mirador de las Aguilas (Eagles).

From here the pains stretch down to the turquoise Lago Viedma. We return via a small wildlife lake wher we have spotted rare birds in the past. All this beautiful walk has excellent views of the Cerro Torre and Fitzroy massifs.

Views of Cerro Torre

Loma de Pliegue Tumbado

  • Duration - 1 day
  • Distance - 15km
  • Ascent - 1000m
  • Cost - €95

Description - Quite a lot of ascent today but worth it for the views down to Laguna Torre, Glacier Torre and of course the famous Cerro Torre. Closer to hand lies Cerro Solo and across the valley there are spectacular views of Fitzroy. The going is on good tracks for the most part.

Cerro Torre Vistas

Laguna Torre and Cerro Torre

  • Duration - 1 day
  • Distance - 24km
  • Ascent - 300m
  • Cost - €75

Description - A long walk west of town on decent tracks to the lakeside viewpoint of Laguna Torre. Always an interesting path as it rises and falls through differing forest and hillside. The lake is in a spectacular setting and Cerro Torre rises opposite, a wonderful sight! Return is the same way.

Laguna Capri and Laguna Tres

Laguna Capri and Laguna de los Tres and Mt Fitzroy

  • Duration - 1 day
  • Distance - 21km
  • Ascent - 800m
  • Cost - €95

Description - The track rises steeply from El Chalten and reaches the tranquil Laguna Capri in 1hr 30 mins. Then we head west towards the gigantic battlements of Mount Fitzroy. A steep rise on a zig zag track to finish brings us to Laguna de los Tres, with Fitzroy and it's glaciers looming overhead.

Laguna Toro Trekking

Laguna Toro

  • Duration - 2 days
  • Distance - 38km
  • Ascent - 1000m
  • Cost - €190

Description - A long but gentle rise from the town takes us to a high shoulder SE of Loma del Pliegue Tumbado. Here there are magnificent views over Lago Viedma. We drop won into the Tunel valley and follow the river upstream.

There are several sub rivers to cross before we arrive at the Lago Toro campsite. After setting up camp we take the short walk to visit Lago Toro itself, set in a glacial basin below the Tunel Glacier.

Next morning we return to El Chalten.

Piedra de Fraile

Piedra de Fraile and la Playita

  • Duration - 3 days/2 nights
  • Distance - 30km
  • Ascent - 1200m
  • Cost - €330

Description - Transport takes us to the trailhead at the Rio Electrico. There is a 2.5hr walk to the refuge at Piedra del Fraile. After a short rest we continue on over a series of short hills before dropping down to cross the Rio Pollone. A short difficult section leads us to the tranquil campsite at La Playita, alongside the Lago Electrico. A beautiful spot with magnificent views of the NW face of Mt Fitzroy.

The following morning, leaving our gear at La Playita we ascend to see the lower Marconi Glacier and it's huge seracs. If time allows we shall make a short excursion onto the lower glacier itself. We return to Piedra del Fraile for the night.

Today, we climb up to Laguna Piedras Blancas and the campsite at Rio Blanco. Then it's a return to El Chalten via Laguna Capri. A long but satisfying day.

Paso del Viento and Icecap viewpoint

Paso del Viento and Southern Patagonian Icecap viewpoint

  • Duration - 4 days/3 nights
  • Distance - 54km
  • Ascent - 1800m
  • Cost - €480

Description - A long but gentle rise from the town takes us to a high shoulder SE of Loma del Pliegue Tumbado. Here there are magnificent views over Lago Viedma. We drop won into the Tunel valley and follow the river upstream. There are several sub rivers to cross before we arrive at Lago Toro. Beyond the lake we cross the Rio Tunel (at least knee deep!). We camp in a sheltered, sandy spot near the lakeside.

A big day today as we make the climb to Paso del Viento. There is some loose moraine to cross near the Tunel Glacier and sometimes it is easier for us to actually use the glacier itself. Then its steeply up to the pass. The sight of the Southern Patagonian Icecap beyond the pass is sure to take your breath away. An awe inspiring sight. We drop steeply down and camp by Laguna Ferrari.

Today we leave our campsite intact and head across moraines to get marvellous views of the Icecap. Then its back to collect our gear and head back to civilisation. Camp by Lago Toro.

A return is made to El Chalten.

Optional 1 day extension (€95) - A day on the upper Viedma Glacier. Get onto the main Patagonian Icecap itself and enjoy the splendid isolation it provides. Wilderness, awesome landscapes, big country scenery. Amazing stuff!

Photo Gallery from previous trips

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Paso del Viento and Southern Patagonian Icecap Map

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paso del viento trekking map

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