Hiking & Mountain Biking in Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains

Combine hiking & mountain biking with tours in the Sierra Nevada

Combine Trekking and Mountain Biking in one trip
Combine Trekking and Mountain Biking in one trip

Dates - June to October

Prices - from €65 per person per day

Accommodation - hotels from €30 per person per night (sharing)

Some of our mountain guides are also qualified mountain bike guides. Helps you conquer the high tops, skipping the long walk in to the huts and peaks by using a mountain bike.

The philosophy is simple: you can pedal up close and personal to the "Tres Miles" summits, then don your boots to top out onto the roof of Spain. The expeditions are flexible, so you can build up a tailor made trip to suit your timescale, budget and spirit of adventure.

Biking sections can be anything from a half day climb through to a 3 day traverse, with the trekking phases covering anything from a single summit to the entire tres miles ridge. See if the examples below inspire you!

Short Breaks

Transfer to the ski resort of Pradollano, getting into the saddle at around 2500m. Pedal the long, slow climb up to the summit ridge, and keep on going to the Veleta summit. Take in the breath-taking views and get your breath back, before disappearing over the top and down the exhilarating descent to overnight at the Poqueira Hut

Its up sharp the next morning and back on the bike, climbing back up to the main path. We then stash the bikes and pick up the Mulhacen summit trail, picking up the summit just in time for lunch.

Next we descend back to the bikes where the fun really starts; 20km and 1400m descent all the way to Bubion!

Variants - Extend out the hiking to take in Alcazaba, indulge your inner mountaineer by bivvying at Siete Lagunas, or ride your bike all the way to the coast.

Week Long Expeditions

If a weekend of adventurous exploring simply isnt enough for you, then no problemo, we can help you with that! A round trip traverse of the entire tres mil ridge, using a combination of our mountain guides and MTB guides

Ride out from Capiliera to Puerta de la Ragua over 2 or 3 days, then pack up the rucksack and hike the summit ridge all the way back. Top out at Mulhacen on the last day, smug in the knowledge that you have just completed one of Spains most gruelling mountain traverses... twice!

Variants - Shorten either the riding or trekking stage to fit with your needs, add a days technical singletrack mountain-biking, or drop down to overnight in the villages for some local food and culture.