Estimate Walking Time

Calculates your walking time based on Distance, Ascent, Pace, Rucksack Weight & Terrain Surface

Enter distance (km) and ascent (m) details below. Then adjust for intended pace, terrain surface and rucksack weight carried. Please use this as a rough guide only as there are many other factors can affect the length of your intended trip.


Intended Pace:

Terrain Surface:

Rucksack Weight:

Via Naismith's Rule:

Naithsmiths rule

  • One hour for every 5km walked on the flat
  • Plus one hour for every 600m of ascent
Estimated Time:

Based on:

  • Kilometres distance
  • m of ascent
  • Pace
  • Terrain
  • Rucksack Weight
  • Plus Langmuir Rule and other adjustments (see below)

This calculation is based on Langmuir's rule & other adjustments

  • Reduces the basic speed to 4km per hour
  • Takes into account your Intended Pace, Terrain & Rucksack Weight