Walking the Ruta Boabdil, Lecrin Valley south of Granada

113km long distance walking route through the Lecrin Valley

Views from Silleta de Padul
Views from Silleta de Padul

Ruta Boabdil, Valle de Lecrin

The cluster of villages making up the Lecrin Valley south of Granada and west of the Sierra Nevada mountains is a relatively unknown walking destination despite it's proximity to Granada and the Costa Tropical.

This walk links these interesting and beautiful andalucian villages via a series of old drovers paths and hillside trails. It makes diversions en route to take in local scenic attractions.

Ruta Boabdil Highlights

N.B Although of primary interest to the self-guided walker our expert local walking guides do know the route, history, flaura and fauna really well. They are available to guide you for a nominal cost of €40 per person per day. We can also assist with accommodation reservations and transportation.

The History

This superb long distance walk is inspired by the historical legend surrounding Muhammad XII, the last Sultan of the Moors in Granada. He is said to have crossed the Alpujarras at the 860m pass of the Suspiro del Moro (the start and end of the hike) after being ejected from the city of Granada by the Catholic Kings in 1492.

At the Suspiro del Moro he is said to have looked back at his beloved Granada, sighed longingly at the last view of his Alhambra Palace. This act moved his mother to remark "Now you weep like a woman over what you could not defend as a man."

Villages the route passes through

The towns of the Valley are Izbor, Pinos, Tablate, Beznar, Chite, Murchas, Lecrín, Mondújar, Acequias, Nigüelas, Dúrcal, Padul, Cozvijar, Conchar, Albuñuelas, Saleres, Restabal and Melegís.

List of the Ruta Boabdil Walking Stages

There are 14 sections for you to enjoy:

Plants and Wildlife

The valley of Lecrín is unique. In only 15 km the land falls from 3001m at the Cerro de Caballo to the dam at Rules (180m). It passes through many climatic zones down to the sub tropical Costa Tropical

In the lower villages ie Izbor, Beznar, El Valle there are avocados, chirimoyos, kiwis and mangoes, etc. In Lecrín, Melegís, Chite, Restabal, Saleres and Pinos you will find citrus fruits such as orange and lemon trees, vegetables, tubers and legumes.

At Dúrcal, Nigüelas, Cozvijar, Conchar and Albuñuelas all kinds of fruit trees are seen. Plums, peach trees, almond trees, pomegranates, cherry trees and persimmons are grown.

Typical of the mountain area are spanish Ibex, wild boar, deer, foxes, weasels, partridges, turtledoves, owls, eagles, kestrels, snakes and lizards.

Ruta Boabdil - Itinerary, accommodation and further walking options

Stage 1 - Suspiro del Moro – Padul 7.6km

Optional extra - Padul, Mirador del Padre Ferrer 8.4km , 572m ascent.

Stage 2 - Padul – Dúrcal 7km

Not to be missed! The lake of Padul where more than 200 birds have been counted. Used by many migrants who rest here on their long journey from central and northern Europe to central Africa

Optional extra - Salto de agua Canal de Fuga 3.5km , 114m ascent

Optional extra - Baños de Dúrcal 6.9km , 220m ascent.

Stage 3 - Circular Dúrcal 7km

Stage 4 - Dúrcal - Nigüelas 5km (including visit to Falla Natural Monument)

Not to be missed! In Nigüelas, the Almazara de las Laerillas, the natural monument of the Nigüelas "Falla", Pavilla route, Müller gardens and María Zayas house.

Stage 5 - Nigüelas – Lecrín 7km (including visit to Castle Zoralla)

Not to be missed! The castles of Soraya and Lojuela, the Roman ruins of Feche, the mills of the fifteenth century in Mondújar and Acequias.

Stage 6 - Lecrín – Tablate 7km

Stage 7 - Tablate – Pinos del Valle 10km (including swamp variation)

Not to be missed! The viewpoints of Pinos del Valle, the hermitage of Cristo del Zapato

Optional extra - Ermita del Cristo del Zapato 5.6km , 531m ascent.

Stage 8 - Pinos del Valle – Melegís 7km

Stage 9 - Circular Melegís – 7km

Stage 10 - Melegís – Albuñuelas 9km

Not to be missed! The spectacular gorge of the Barranco de la Luna just outside Saleres

Not to be missed! The Callejones with geodesic vertices such as the Giralda, Las Tres Lindes and Pozo Herrero

Optional extra - Albuñuelas-Cerro del Muerto o de Las tres Lindes 26.5km , 798m ascent.

Stage 11 - Albuñuelas – Conchar 12km

Not to be missed! The Arroyo del Alcázar, the Arab watchtower and the Acequia de los Arcos.

Not to be missed! Waterfall of the Arroyo del Alcazar, the highest in Granada on the dry rambla of the Cañada de Cijancos.

Stage 12 - Conchar – Cozvijar 7km

Not to be missed! Remains of the Neanderthal man, about 10,000 years ago, have been found in the cave of Los Ojos de Cozvijar.

Stage 13 - Cozvijar – Padul 9km

Stage 14 - Padul – Suspiro del Moro 7km

Finish of the route. Well done!