Mountain Gear and Equipment Gear Rental Facility

Rent equipment for mountaineering or trekking in the Sierra Nevada

Need some gear for your adventures in the Sierras? Dont be weight penalised by the airlines! We have a fully stocked rental facility here in Lanjaron in the heart of the Sierra Nevada. Winter or summer we have the following available at reasonable hire rates.

N.B Our own courses and holidays include the rental of equipment

Gear Rental Facility

Winter Mountain Boots

We have a small collection of winter mountaineering boots available for use.

€10 per person per day


Various makes of snowshoe:Tubbs, Camp, TXL, Salomen. The old fashioned ones on the right even ascended Mt McKinlay 20 years ago!

Current rental rates (€)

Equipment1 day2-5 day rate
Avalanche Transceiver2015
Transceiver, Probe, Shovel2015
Ice Axe76
Ice Hammer76
Pack (large 60-70l)1512
Pack (med (35-50l)108
Rock shoes108
Outer Rain Jacket108
Rain pants108
Snow Shovel108
Gas cylinders 250cc1010
Trekking poles (2)76