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Climbing Cerro Torre in books & videos

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Patagonian Icecap Expedition 2016

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Patagonian Icecap November 2016 & Cerro Mariano Moreno

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Expedition Trip Report Patagonian Icecap November 2014

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On Thursday we begin our 2014 Patagonian Icecap Adventure

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Lounging at the Altar of the Patagonian Mountain Gods

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Insights the mountains & wilderness have shown me this year

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Oh, Patagonia, to leave you we shall weep!

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Debilitating effects of Snowblindness, a personal experience

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Snow wall construction to eliminate drifting on leeward side

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Travel Advice & Recommendations to El Chalten, Patagonia

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Rescue efforts fail to aid climbers on Patagonian Glacier

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The Climax is the Coming Back from a Dangerous Place

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Cerro Grande, Cerro Adela and Walter Bonatti

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Patagonia Icefield Expedition Diary 2010

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