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Thanks guys….for everything

Great day today. Thanks for your help.

You guys have been magical on organising this trip

Big shout out to Richard from the logistical team I used down here, Spanish Highs. The Sierra Nevada, how beautiful is that, it has a stark beauty to it. A lot of the guides that I work alongside in Europe have talked about the Sierra Nevada, looks really wild and remote, and it is. Good weather this time of year, generally, it's just had it's first dusting of snow and it ticked all the boxes, relatively easy to get to, covid friendly, and I will certainly be coming back, for sure. It's a really interesting, none aggressive, in terms of the hills are quite rolling but there's some fantastic ridge lines, scrambling with abseils and easy grade climbing, great food, great coffee and great climate. Yeah definitely be going back, it's a beautiful place."

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