Press Articles

  1. Times Travel Article July 2020 Chris Stewart -
    Times Article dated 25th July 2020 describing one of Chris Stewarts Walking Over Lemons hiking tours with us.

  2. Hellehollis Best Hiking Trails In The Sierra Nevada -
    Helle Hollis produced an interesting blog entitled - The best hiking trails in the Sierra Nevada

  3. TGO Magazine Spring 2019 -
    The Great Outdoors magazine - Trekking the peaks of the Sierra Nevada

  4. Mountain Pro Magazine - October 2016 -
    Mountain Pro Magazine write up on Spanish Highs by David Lintern

  5. Great Outdoors Magazine November 2016 -
    Article about the Sierra Nevada in Great Outdoors Magazine November 2016

  6. Richard Hartley in Kamchartka in Lifesystems Advert -
    A photo of Spanish Highs owner, Richard Hartley appeared in a recent advertisement for Lifesystems

  7. Gibraltar-Based Weather4Mountain Provides Crucial Support To Climbers -
    Richard Hartley of Spanish Highs helped Stephanie devise the code and put it to the test on an expedition to the Patagonia ice caps last winter

  8. Premaqueta th25 Ecoturismo en Andalucía (Jan 2015) -
    A photo of ours was published in the magazine "Premaqueta th25 Ecoturismo en Andalucía"

  9. Mountain Adventures Overseas Magazine (Jan 2015) -
    Trail Magazine wrote a revised article about a trip here

  10. Ski Kamchatka Sidetracked Magazine - report from Julia Pickering -
    photos of Spanish Highs owner Richard Hartley skiing through the lunar landscapes of the incredible Kluchevskoy Sopka volcano

  11. Newspaper article and radio interview about Chris Stewart's walk -
    Newspaper article in "Sur in English" about Chris Stewarts Integral de los Tres Miles" walk

  12. Berghaus Winter Extreme Catalog Jan 2014 -
    Spanish Highs very own Kiersten Rowland appearing in the latest Berghaus Extreme Clothing Catalog

  13. Berghaus Homepage Photos -
    Both Richard Hartley and Kiersten Rowland appearing on the Berghhaus homepage

  14. Living Spain Magazine Autumn 2013 -
    Richard Hartleys time is spent exploring the peaks of the Sierra Nevada

  15. Trail Magazine article July 2013 -
    Spanish Highs entertained Oli Reed and Ben Weeks from best selling UK outdoor magazine, Trail.

  16. Ideal newspaper article about refuge restoration in the Sierra Nevada -
    Richard Hartley mentioned in spanish newspaper article about the origins of the Accion Sierra Nevada initiative

  17. Spanish Highs join Berghaus sponsored team in Kamchatka -
    Richard Hartley and Kiersten Rowland of Spanish Highs Mountain Guides were invited to join a Berghaus sponsored team

  18. Sunday Times Travel Article December 2012 -
    Spanish Highs feature in this article in the Sunday Times

  19. BMI Baby article - Best Alternatives to Skiing -
    Outdoor pursuits company Spanish Highs can even organise thrilling Siberian Husky-led treks

  20. Spanish Highs Leonberger dog, Bruno, appears on BBC2 -
    Our Leonberger, Bruno, got his moment of fame this morning, 14th November 2009, appearing in the BBC2 childrens programme Gimme a Break

  21. BMI Baby article Mulhacen -
    Taking part in a two day climb of Mulhacen, Spain's highest peak