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The Refugio Cebollar and Tajos de los Machos

Las Alegas, Refugio Cebollar and High Forests of the Alpujarras

High forests and old refuges with distant views towards the sea, Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada

Map of trekking route

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  • Access: Soportujar, Alpujarras
  • Start: 2km before La Piuca Casa Forestal
  • End: Same as start

N.B Important update 2017! Due to parking restrictions a car must be left another 1.5km back along the dirt road where an official sign tells cars not to go any further. This is at a distinct junction with an old road leading to Puente Palo. This adds 3km and about an hour onto this walk

A short, pathless, but high quality walk in a rarely visited area of the Sierra Nevada

Route Description

A 4wd car is recommended (but not strictly necessary) to reach the start point. The start is 500m after the open gate as you enter the forests at la Piuca. leave the car some 50m after passing a goat farm set back off the road in the forest. Ascend the shallow gully due north of the goat farm. Pathless apart from a few goat trails through the pine forests. After 45 mins you will meet the upper tree line. Keep going to the broad ridge that leads up to reach the fine summit of Las Alegas (2700m). Superlative views across to the main Sierra Nevada range.

Continue north for 200m the drop down left (west) until an old drover trail is met (unmarked on maps). Turn left and traverse south to reach the ruined Refugio Cebollar (2500m). This is set in beautiful location on a colourful alpine meadow with it’s own spring, always flowing even in the height of summer!

Asecdn alongside the forest edge to regain the broad ridge of the approach. The return is made via another shallow valley south the line of ascent via wooded slopes back to the waiting transport. This is a fine way to see the lesser known areas of the southern Sierra Nevada.

Recommended map: Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada 1:40000

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las Alegas 9 Oct 2014

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